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Some information about the Berlin bus collectors

It was in 1987 when three bus enthusiasts bought an old Berlin double deck bus. Just to put their collection of destination plates to the right place! Today about 50 buses out of the years 1953 to 2005 are waiting for their next time in service or their restoration or simply for the time they can donate some spare parts to keep other buses alive...

Since 1st April 2000 one bus out of our heritage fleet of PSV-licensed vehicles is in service every day on route 218 that brings you directly into our largest forest Grunewald and to the Peacock's Island (Pfaueninsel), starting at the central bus station ZOB near the exhibition centre "Messe Berlin" or the International Congress Centre ICC.

We operate our licensed vehicles in Berlin for the benefit of enthusiasts and on hired tours. And to bring back some memories of old buses' bygone days to normal everyday passengers we arrange special running days every year where we run our buses on normal routes in co-operation with the Berlin public transport authority BVG. The success of these events and the reliability of our vehicles let the members of our group becoming quite proud.
And that's why we don't want a normal transport museum with dead and dusty samples of the public transport's history, but a living one! The exhibits can be seen only in the streets, moving in their normal habitat.

If you want to learn more about us, please feel free to dig through these - German - pages or write us a mail or call us. For contact details please klick Impressum/Kontakt.